Yoga (HDT Add-On)

Yoga (HDT Add-On)


This is in combination with your HDT Purchase (sold seperately).


Our 6-week yoga program, lead by Christina Werhy, runs in conjunction with our 6 weeks of Heavy Drop Training. Each movement we do in HDT will be complimented with yoga positions to help with recovery and mobility. 

  • 3 poses that are specifically programed for each of the HDT workouts, which works out to 9 poses per week to help your recovery (3 for upper body, 3 for lower body, and 3 for core).
  • Access to information about pain relief and management from Christina.  
  • Yoga videos linked to poses on each workout.
  • Each person signed up for the Yoga program will be in a closed group with all other members along with the coaches to allow for questions and information to be posted.
  • Required Waiver: CLICK HERE


    Cleveland Area Rucking Crew LLC has the right to deny or refund Heavy Drop Training for any reason that they see fit.

    • Sign-Up PDF Download


    • Yoga Add-on 2-Month Price Plan ($17.50 per month)

      If you would like to set up for the 2 month payment plan, your first payment will be your initial payment date and the 2nd will be one month later from that date of $17.50

      • Click Here to view the payment plan and/or purchase.
      • Discount codes DO NOT apply to the payment plan
      • You will receive an email with confirmation of purchase within 24-48hrs containing the Introduction PDF link.
      • By signing up through this plan you agree to make both payments of $17.50

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