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2020 Registration Closed

If you missed out on registration but want to get after the AMRAPs, download the AMRAP below, join the Facebook group, and go LIVE with us all cheering you on and cheer the competitors in the tournament on too! Our community is built on positive encouragement and pushing each other, so you have nothing to worry about when going live!

NO BUY IN...but we do hope you will consider donating to No Kid Hungry. This is open to anyone! Feel free to share to your page, ruck groups, etc.

We will give the winner a round of HDT and a a friend a round on the house, along with an HDT decal pack. Runner up will get a round HDT on the house & a HDT decal pack.

5-min of Burpees gets you placed (64 total individuals)

First two rounds are Bodyweight AMRAPs

Sweet 16 & Elite 8 are Ruck AMRAPs

Final 4 and Finals are Sandbag AMRAPs


Here's the deal...you need to go LIVE in the event group when you do your AMRAP. The only way to argue form / no reps will be if the person competing against decides to challenge the count. We want this to be a form of entertainment and fun and not turn into something that's going to be shaming or have rude comments. This is a fun competition while we're all stuck in our homes.


2020 March Madness AMRAP Bracket

2020 Toilet Bowl

Downloadable AMRAP Workouts

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